Service Outside Trinity

Service Outside Trinity

Service Outside Trinity
Service is a discipleship mark that grows out of faith in the perfect love of God.  A disciple understands that no deed is great enough to earn God’s love.  But a disciple who feels God’s love is unable to keep from expressing gratitude for that love through service to others.  Service is one of the ways disciples express their faith by “participating in God’s love for the world.”  Service, both to a congregation and outside the church, is not so much something we do to become a disciple as something we do as a result of being a disciple. 

A discipleship church should be a place where service is expected and where disciples are prepared to perform service.  This starts by valuing and acknowledging those who serve, which will attract others to service.  It continues by giving people opportunities to get involved in service and by training them to serve.

What is God up to?
 Jesus came to earth not to be served but to serve, giving his life as ransom for many.

 What are we up to?
 Becoming the greatest by serving (Mk. 10:35 ff) to all. Martin Luther said it this way: We are slaves to none, servants to all (“Freedom of a Christian,” 1520).

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