Trinity Lutheran Church Preschool

Preschool Information

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Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church Preschool, Manhattan Beach, California! We understand that one of the biggest decisions parents make is choice of preschool. In addition to the overview provided here, we welcome an opportunity to visit with you personally. For the 2015-16 school year, Trinity Preschool earned its fifth consecutive 100% score on its California Department of Social Services site visit. There are many preschools and many ways to conduct preschool, and we want to help ensure that you make the right decision for your family. Blessings on your discernment.

Philosophy, Purpose, & Goals

The purpose of Trinity Lutheran Church Preschool is to provide appropriate learning experiences for young children. Preschool staff and administration are dedicated to creating an environment in which preschoolers develop and flourish physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially.

Young children learn naturally through play and social interactions with each other. We seek to provide an environment for those interactions while at the same time preparing each child for kindergarten at his or her own pace. We believe that pressure, rote memorization and rigid academic environments are counter productive to these goals.  Instead, we strive to encourage genuine curiosity, social connection though human relationships, and the innate love of learning.

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