Religious Education

Religious Education

We understand and champion the importance of religious education for young children. Young children who are nourished with and have the opportunity to practice activities that help convey moral knowledge realize higher academic achievement and exhibit prosocial behavior, contributing to society in positive ways.

Religious education does not happen accidentally, however. Communicating moral knowledge to preschoolers in developmentally appropriate ways is both an art and a science. It begins with a caring community dedicated to the well-being of its members. It continues with professional educators who are familiar with and practice current research-informed teaching strategies, and it includes parents and families sharing their values, perspectives, and presence.

Trinity Lutheran Church Preschool is committed to communicating to your child two basic religious ideas reflective of the Lutheran faith: (1) Your child is valued for who he or she is, regardless of accomplishments or deficits; and (2) Children are created to care for each other and for the world they live in. We communicate this faith in many ways: praying before meals and snacks; learning Bible stories about God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit; conducting chapel time and Surfzone children’s ministry; and infusing the day with opportunities and experiences that help the children develop as spiritual beings.

We promise our resources, expertise, and experience to the privilege of educating your child so that they become positive moral citizens, making the world a better place for all people.

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