Bible & Prayer

Bible & Prayer

Bible & Prayer
To have a truly strong faith, one that is active in shaping our lives, we must use the gifts of Bible and prayer.
For a disciple, prayer is a way of asking for help, giving thanks for blessings received and seeking guidance in all situations. Foss also believes that a congregation should be a “school of prayer”, equipping its disciples with the ability to turn to God to lead their lives. The Bible is the Word of God, given to teach us and guide our lives.  How could disciples of Jesus Christ, then, not turn to that Word as a guiding light for their lives?  Reading and studying the Bible are important to disciples because these practices help them to know God and to embrace God’s love, mercy and grace.

The Bible is important, but for a specific reason. Martin Luther called the Bible the Gospel’s manger in that it holds something more valuable than itself. In the same way we do not worship the manger and its straw, neither do we worship the Bible, instead finding the Gospel—which is Christ Jesus—in it. Scripture has one purpose—Gospel. When we pray, the Gospel finds us, too. 

What is God up to?
God provides a narrative story to carry and witness to the Good News that God promises to God’s people. God also provides prayer as a way of speaking to and listening to God.
What are we up to?

As disciples, we are called to learn this story and be interpreted by it. Prayer is the act of practicing Gospel.?

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